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Mask Lanyard

Mask Lanyard

No more worrying about forgetting or losing your face mask! Keep your mask handy for quick access while freeing up some pocket space, or save yourself from setting your mask down and instantly forgetting where. Perfect for avoiding mask mix-ups at school or toddlers who have a hard time keeping their mask on for long stretches. 


Lanyards are made with either cotton twill tape and latch with high quality Kam snaps. Simply open the snap, insert the ear loop of the mask, and snap back into place. Snap color may vary slightly depending on supply, but will be a coordinating color.


Toddler Mask Lanyards: approx. 15 inches long
Kids Mask Lanyards: approx. 18 inches long
Adult Mask Lanyards: approx. 21 inches long

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